Minister Daniel & Melissa Carr
Sound and Audiovisual ministry.
Music ministry. 
District Missionary Ebony Coley
Women's Ministry
Both at the local and district levels
Elder Charles & Evangelist Missionary Renee Fisher

Inspirational Services
Pulpit ministry
Hospitality ministry
Usher ministry

Melissa Flowers
Executive District Events Planner
Elder Lawrence Flowers

Backend Information Technology
Men's Ministry

Evangelist Missionary Cassandra Garris

Administrative Assistant & District Secretary

Elder Robert & Evangelist Missionary Judith Johnson-Hostler

New Members, Men's Ministry
Marriage Ministry, 
Mother’s Board

Elder Everette & Phyllis Johnson

Chief of Staff


Youth Pastor Elder Everette Johnson Jr.
E-Church Online Experience and Social Media
Preachers Training Institute Overseer
Work with all Elders at the Jurisdictional levels
Deacon Harry Jones

Pastoral Care

Deacon Wills & Minister Lorna Maxwell

Strategic Planners

Deacon Belton & Jessica Monroe
Event Project Managements
Financial Stewardship & Education
Crystal Nichols

Executive Administrator

Elder Sean & Marshetta Parker
Executive Youth Director
Sue Richard

Business Operations

Minister Cheryl Satterfield
Growth Group Division Leader
Jamilya Nealy
VPF Finance Department
Yvette Hawke
VPF Finance Department