The Cornerman: 3 Types of People You Should Have in Your Life

3 Types of People You Should Have in Your Life

Every great boxer has corner men that are just as great. This brings the question “how do I know if I have a great team of people in my life?” Your team should consist of these three people:

-A manager, which should be God

-A coach, which is someone who prepares and mentors you for your mission

-A sparring partner, to push you, pray for you and pick you up when you fall

1.) The Manager

The Manager is the one who directs, organizes, oversees, and guides you. The manger is the one with a plan and purpose for your life. As a Christian the manger over your life must be the God of the Bible.

Who’s the manager in your corner?

2.) The Coach 

The coach is someone who gives spiritual guidance. It is the coach’s job to help prepare you for the plan that God has for your life. Boxing is a contact sport, which leaves boxers with bloody faces, bruises, and swollen body parts. It is the job of the corner men to stop the bleeding, ice the swelling and make sure the boxer is ready to go back into the fight. In life you need a mentor, teacher or pastor to perform to same duties when life bruises you.

Do you have a good pastor in your corner?

3.) The Sparing Partner

The fighting level of a boxer will determine who he spars with. As fighters advance it is necessary to find new sparing partners so their skills can continue to improve. This concept applies to people in your own life. A great sparing partner is someone you can learn from, and one that pushes you to your limits. The sparing partner also prepares and strengthens you for the fight. When choosing a sparing partner make sure it is someone who can pray for you and touch and agree with your vision. 

James 5: 16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.


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