The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

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The Fruit of the Holy Spirit is about the purpose in which God gives us the ability to produce fruit through the Holy Spirit. Whereas Gifts of the Spirit (Charisma) which are given to us, Fruit of the Spirit (Karpos) must be earned by us. And their primary purpose is to give us the ability to win the lost.    

This book contains the follow Sermon Study notes and questions:

  1. Where’s the Fruit? (Fill Up or Cover Up)    
  2. What’s the Fruit? (Good or Evil)
  3. The Purpose of the Fruit (Paying the Cost to Win the Lost)
  4. Cultivating Your Ground (Producing Much Fruit)
  5. Overcoming Spiritual Anti-Fruit (Are You Taking Your Spiritual Probiotics?)
  6. Benefits of the Fruit (It’s Yours)
  7. Benefits of the Fruit II (The Power Of His Name) 


This eBook comes in Kindle, iBooks, and PDF formats.

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