30-Day Fast Track Online Course


Learn the foundations of a successful marriage in just 30 days.  This online course will teach the 5 divine connections of marriage as defined in the My Marriage University Toolkit from Drs. Wil and Grace Nichols.  It includes a 30 day guide through the following classes:

  1. The Spiritual Connection (No More Drama)
  2. The Physical Connection (Relationship Battle Plan)
  3. The Emotional Connection (Soul Mates, Soul Ties, and Soul Survivors)
  4. The Love Connection (First Love, True Love, Best Love)
  5. The Sexual Connection (Marriage, Sex, and the Bedroom).

Couples will receive a weekly and daily 5-7 minute inspirational training from Drs. Wil & Grace, and instructions on:

  1. Applying spiritual principles that overcome drama in marriage.
  2. Utilizing the 10 Commandments for Conflict Resolution for couples.
  3. Healing wounded souls to become complete soul mates.
  4. Sustaining, restoring, and reclaiming the divine love that God designed for every marriage.
  5. Developing the intimacy and sex life that God intended when he said “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed is undefiled”.
  6. And much more…
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