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Love Finishes Up (It Never Fails)

DR. GRACE: So love finished what it started, because love never fails.  You may go through headache, you may go through heartbreak, you may go through pain, but love never fails.

PASTOR WIL: Which brings us to our final point, and then we’re gonna pray – and that is, so, so, I want y’all to get straight what we shared with you all so far.   

We told you that love grows up, it deals with immaturity; love goes up, okay, y’all with me?  Uh, it deals with the greatest, so that we don’t get misconstrued and get caught up in all of this stuff, you know, it don’t matter if you have all this power and appointing and all of this, you can move mountains, God says it don’t really matter if you don’t have the greatest, which is love, because somewhere, somehow, something is gonna let you down, because it’s not the greatest, but if you have God’s love you have the greatest, and finally, as First Lady was sharing, love finishes.   

Everybody say “Finishes, finishes.”  God started something in us, God started something in us, and He’s going to finish it.   

DR. GRACE: We will be victorious. 

PASTOR WIL: Uh-huh.  

DR. GRACE: Amen.  Um, 1 Corinthians, chapters 13 and 8, really just sums everything up.  It says, “Charity,” which is love, “never faileth.” 

PASTOR WIL: Mm-hm.  

DR. GRACE: “But whether there be prophesies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.”

PASTOR WIL: And so no matter, and, and, when I look at this and I think about it and we’ve been preaching on this and as we close today, we talk about, uh, uh, various things that we fall in love with, and today I want you to know that these things will not take you to the top, they will not take you across the finish line, they will not finish God’s course, they will not finish the purpose, you know, uh, uh, I often, you know, we talked about when I first met my wife, I fell in love with her, now that was puppy love, she fell in love with me, that was immature love, and our immaturities came out, our first few years was a great struggle, we felt like quitting, we felt like giving up, we wanted to leave, she wanted to go back home to her family, I wanted to do my own thing, because we were dealing with imperfection and imperfect love.  But see, but because we both, even though we were dealing with our imperfect love towards one another, we had a perfect love with God.   

Y’all still ain’t catching me, y’all still ain’t catching me.  I still have disagreements with my wife today.  Some of you said, “Okay, well, their marriage is perfect, their marriage is perfect, they been married for 30 years,” no, we still have our differences, you know why?  Because I’m still not perfect!  Grace is still not perfect!  Oh yeah, she still does stuff that’ll rub me the wrong way, I still do things that’ll rub her the wrong way, but, we don’t rely on each other – oh, y’all still ain’t catching this – we put our faith in in God, we have the love of God, so when I feel like walking out, the love of God’ll say, “Where you going?  Where you going?  Where you going?  Where you going?”  Because God’s love is perfect.  When I feel like, “This is the last time I’m putting up with this,” God says, for God so loved the world that he gave all, that he gave all, that he gave all, “I can’t put up with this no more,” God said, “I put up with you every day of your life, every moment of your life, every second of your life,” and so that perfect love, it brings me back, it brings me back, if you ever (Indiscernible), oh, I’m a preacher in this place, if you ever want to finish what God started, you got to stop looking for imperfect people to do it for you and start looking for the perfection of God’s love.  God’s love is powerful, it’ll forgive you every day, you know why?  Because His love never runs out.  See, some of y’all, your love runs out after three strikes, some of y’all, your love runs out after they done hurt you, some of y’all, your love runs out when they betrayed you, you know why?  Because you have imperfect love, so, if you really want to hang in there ‘til the end, make sure you find somebody that got that GOAT, make sure you find somebody that got that love of God, make sure you have the GOAT, make sure you have the love of God, and so, when I’m imperfect, I’m preachin’ about myself, when I’m showin’ my tail, showin’ my behind, when I’m bein’ a fool, when I’m allowing myself to get into my flesh, to get into my feelings, I need my wife to have the GOAT.   

Y’all ain’t helping me.  When I’m acting up a little in my emotions and acting a little crazy, I need a wife that got the GOAT, that’ll hang in there with me, and First Lady, when she starts feeling a little certain way, when she starts acting a certain way, she needs to make sure her husband has the GOAT.  

DR. GRACE: Oh, yes, oh, yes.

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PASTOR WIL: I’m preachin’ all by myself.  And so, even though we are not perfect, we possess a love that is perfect.  Even though we have mess goin’ on, we still have a God that overcomes a multitude of evil.  I need y’all to understand something: this thing don’t work unless you have the GOAT, unless you have the greatest, and when you have the greatest, He will get you to the finish, see?  And, and, and let me break this down, First Lady, because see, in our impec— in our imperfections, we forget that God started something. 

DR. GRACE: Yes, yes, yes.  Yes. 

PASTOR WIL: Everybody that’s married, raise your hand.  Everybody that’s married, raise your hand.  Look at me right now.  If you’re married – look at me – if you’re married…   

Look at me.  (Audience laughs.)  If you’re married…  If you are married, the Bible says marriage is honorable in all, and the bed is undefiled.  When you get married, that means that God started something.   

“Well, we got married too long, too young.”  God don’t care.  He still started something.  “Well, we was just horny, just feelin’ each other.”  God don’t care.  (Audience laughs.)  Oh, y’all don’t believe me?  Oh, I’m sorry, y’all don’t like me bein’ real with y’all.  Oh!  Y’all think I’m crazy?  Y’all think I’m not in the Bible?  Oh, I’m in the Scriptures.  I’m in the Scriptures.  The Bible says it’s better to marry, it’s better to marry, it’s better to marry – modern vernacular: horny.  (Audience laughs, chatters.)   

“We was too young, we just wanted to have sex, we just wanted to, we just,” yeah?  But once you got married…  Michael Jackson said, “You want to be starting something, you got to be starting something.”  (Audience laughs.)   

I’m sorry, y’all (Indiscernible) folk, y’all don’t like a brother today because I’m being real with these people in this place.  You started something, with the blessing of God, called marriage.  It is honorable in all, not some, in all, in all, because you know crazy she is, in all, “But Pastor, he done messed up and hurt me,” in all!  God said, I started something!  I know your immaturity wants you to quit, I know your immaturity wants you to give up, but I, God, started something!  I started this!  I started it!  And when I started it, there was a purpose that you may not even know.  And we know that all things work together for the good of them who, who love God, who are called according to His purpose.  I can’t see it because my immaturity has got me blinded.  I can’t see, I can’t see, I can’t see, I’m ready to give up, I can’t see.  But God’s love is so perfect that He’ll guide you through darkness when you can’t see, when you can’t see, when you can’t see, God’s love’ll guide you through it, and so, because we both have the love of God, when we couldn’t see it, it kept us, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, when those people didn’t treat me right on the job, and I couldn’t see, and I was ready to quit, because I deserved a promotion, and they gave it to somebody that didn’t look like me, that didn’t have as much melanin in their skin, and, and, and, and it hurt me, and it crushed me, and I said, “This ain’t right, this ain’t right,” but God’s love kept me, God’s love kept me, and had God’s love not kept me, oh, no, no, no, no, had God’s love not kept me, I would’ve quit the job when I was in New York.  But because I didn’t quit the job, God later promoted me, and moved me down to North Carolina.   

While I was in North Carolina, I met a pastor named Patrick Whitman.  He taught me how to preach.  After learning how to preach, God says, “Now you see My real purpose, I want you to go pastor,” and I started a church, 18 years ago, but, because I let the love of God keep me where I needed to be kept, God got me to this place, and now all of y’all are sittin’ here hearin’ about God’s love.  Purpose, purpose, purpose, purpose, purpose, that the love of God let me hang in there when they didn’t treat me right, it let me stay in that marriage when I didn’t feel right, because it was perfect!  And it helped me to get to December 18, 2016, so I could finish this message, and tell somebody, “Hang in there, ‘cause God’s gonna finish what He started, He’s gonna finish what He started, He’s gonna finish what He started, He’s gonna finish what He started!”  Give God a great big praise right there.  (Applause.)  Oh, oh, God’s gonna finish this thing.  I don’t know what it is, but He’s gonna finish it.  Stand to your feet.  Stand to your feet. 

DR. GRACE: And, and you know what? 

PASTOR WIL: Go ahead, baby. 

DR. GRACE: We’re sharing, um, with you the heart of God.  And this is the heart of God, is that, as long as you’re with God – and if you don’t know God, this is a great time for you to run, I’m not talkin’ about walk, you don’t need to crawl to the altar, but you need to run to the altar today if you don’t know God – but if you know God, the word of God says we walk by faith and not by sight.

PASTOR WIL: That’s, what the First Lady is talking about, those that want to experience this love, just start coming to the altar.  You want to walk in this love – maybe something has touched you about this message, identified your circumstances, your situation – just meet at the altar.  

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