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Can You Handle It When It Humbles You? (The Joseph Assignment)

Pastor Wil: Mary was a good church girl.   

Y’all ain’t workin’ with a brother.   

She was a good church girl, she did everything right, and everybody knew that Mary was good.  And then the whispers started.  “I heard Mary is pregnant.”  Mm.   

Joseph, the Bible said, was a just man, and he acted dear with the fact that his girl just came up pregnant, and it wasn’t his.  And so he, being a just man, said I ain’t gonna put her on blast, I’m just gonna put this away quietly, and God said, no, Joseph, that ain’t even good enough.  Humbling.  A humiliating experience, a humbling experience.  And you know it had to hurt.  Mm.  

As Christians, we all have what I call the Christmas, or the Christian, assignment.  Paul spoke to it when he said, and whom he did foreknow, he did predestinate to be conformed to the image of God; moreover, whom he did predestinate, he called, and them he called, he justified, and them he justified, he glorified.   

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That assignment says three things that I want to deal with.  First of all, your assignment is predestined.  Secondly, you are called to it.  And thirdly, it’s gonna glorify you.  But what do you do when your Christmas, or your Christian, assignment, Hallelujah, hurts?  What do you do when it humiliates you?  What do you do when it humbles you?  What do you do when it brings pain and anguish to you?   

Paul said earlier, to the Romans, he said, for I reckon that the suffering of this present time is not worthy – yeah, I know they’re gonna be whispering about you, I know you’re gonna have to go through something right now – but I reckon that the suffering of this present time is not worthy to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in us.  My message today is, finishing up on this teaching on the power of love, and it is, can you handle your Christmas assignment?  Can you handle your Christian assignment?   

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