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The Birthright of Brotherly Virtue (Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness)

PASTOR WIL: So, we, we got three points, but we’re just going to go over one or two today, and I want you to join us back here this Wednesday ‘cause we’re gonna finish this.  But I wanted to get you started on understanding your birthright.   

Today’s message, if I had to give it a title it would be “The Power of Love’s Virtue.”  Look at your neighbor and say, “It’s your birthright.”  Come on, say it out loud: “It’s your birthright.”  It’s your birthright.  So let’s talk about this: the birthright first of what we call “brotherly virtue.”  

DR. GRACE: 1 Corinthians 13:4, it says, “Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up.”

PASTOR WIL: So, why, why is this, why are these virtues necessary?  Because people gonna – I just told you – when people, when you deal with these folk, they’re gonna cause you to feel this way, and that’s why you need these virtues of love.  The fruit of the Holy Spirit produces what I call a “brotherly virtue,” which includes patience, gentleness, and goodness.  Patience is what we call “long-suffering,” gentleness is what we call “kindness,” and goodness is, or, is contentment.   

Don’t let people cause you to sell this.  Don’t let people to make you impatient, or mean, or discontent.  1 Corinthians says love is patient, it’s kind; love is not jealous.  This is your birthright.  This is how you’re supposed to feel when you have the Holy Spirit, but people make you feel the opposite, and if you sell out, then you will lose that, you will lose that.  

DR. GRACE: The brotherly virtue of love is that it suffers long.  It is patient, it is kind, and it is good.  But the very people that we’re called to love can cause us to sell our virtue, and cause us to become bitter.  Have you been there?  They’ve caused, they can cause you to become spiteful.  Have you been in a situation where your anger’s so much, just causes you to resent and become spiteful against that person?  And it can also become— can also cause you to become hateful.

PASTOR WIL: Jacob and Esau were brothers!  But because Esau was born first, Jacob became envious of him.  Both of them lost their birthright, in reality.  He became jealous, and so he began to plot against him.  And then, he caused Esau to despise his birthright, to give it up.  You know, the Bible says, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in truth, because there was no truth in him.  When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own.”   

This is going to happen.  We’re going to run in people who’s father is the devil.  “They that hate me,” David said, “are more than the hairs on my head.”  He also put it like this, he said, “Yea, my own familiar friend has lifted up his heel against me”: when I was down, he made it even worse.  This was the one who I thought had my back, this was the one who I thought would be there for me, wasn’t there for me, and so, now I feel a certain kind of way.  The wickedness, the hatred, the betrayal of people can cause you to lose this stuff called long-suffering – cause you to lose this stuff called patience.  It will cause you to give up, oh, oh, on being gentle, because they’re being so mean to you, now you gonna be mean.   

How many people – can I preach in this place right now?  How many people were feeling good until somebody rubbed you the wrong way?  How many people, when they raise their voice, you raise yours?  Yeah!  You’re normally a gentle person, but they comin’ at you?  Guess what, you comin’ back.  Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.  They gonna start somethin’.   

Somebody say, “Hallelujah.”  But don’t sell it, First Lady. 

DR. GRACE: Yeah, so don’t sell your virtue, because people are only temporary.

PASTOR WIL: Oh my God, y’all got to stop this.  

DR. GRACE: Look at your neighbor, yes, look at your neighbor today and I want you to say, “People are temporary,” amen, and we’ve gotta see the bigger picture, amen.  We’ve gotta realize that when they come at us, it is not about us, but it’s about our purpose, amen, so they are temporary.

PASTOR WIL: First Lady, people have left the church over people, and the people that they left the church over ain’t even at the church anymore.   

DR. GRACE: Absolutely. 


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PASTOR WIL: Y’all jokers ain’t listening to me!  You mad at Sister Joe Blow, so you leave the church.  Two weeks later, Sister Blow Joe leave the church.  Now you done left your birthright, your purpose of destiny, because of Sister Blow Joe who ain’t even here no more.  Oh, I’m preachin’ right there.  You quit a job because you couldn’t stand the boss, and a week later, they fired him.  I just went down three of y’all’s rows and you’re sayin’ “Ouch” right now ‘cause you know I’m tellin’ the truth, ‘cause they called you, “You know they fired Mr. Bean, don’t you?”  (Laughter.)  His first name was Pork’n’.  (Laughter.)  Okay, let me stop, let me stop.   

DR. GRACE: So we have to understand that not only are people temporary, but betrayal is temporary.

PASTOR WIL: Hatred is temporary. 

DR. GRACE: Wickedness is temporary.

PASTOR WIL: So shake that mess off!  It’s temporary!  These people ain’t gonna be with you always!  Trouble don’t last always!  I’m married to my wife!  What she may be doin’ is botherin’ me right now, she ain’t gonna bother me all the time!  I’m not gonna bother her all the time!   

You know, oftentimes we get into an argument, and we say these words: “You always!”  Don’t nobody “always” nothin’.  (Laughter.)  ‘Cause if I was always, you wouldn’t have never married me.  If I was always, I wouldn’t have had these children by you.  So I couldn’t have been always.   

I’m gonna preach all by myself, I’m preachin’ to y’all jokers right now, I know I’m preachin’, I’m preachin’, you’re gonna talk about, “You, you always.”  Well, when you laid up with him, he wasn’t “always” then, was he?  (Laughter.)   

They ain’t likin’ this, First Lady. 

DR. GRACE: Well, you know, even in Sunday school, we learned a song as children: “Shake, shake, shake, shake the devil off, in the name of Jesus.  Shake the devil off,” amen.  When betrayal comes, you know what to do: “Shake the devil off,” amen.  When the enemy comes at you, and he brings hatred, you just shake the devil off, because we’ve got to remind— remember that in the name of Jesus, something happens, amen, when we call on the name of Jesus, amen, and I declare, if God puts you in a situation where He’s trying to work love out of you, He’s trying to get you to understand what your birthright is, then you’ve got to see what God is doing, and don’t look at the situation that you’re in, just know that it is temporary, and all you gotta do in your mind, amen, is just shake it off, amen.  When you see it in your face, when you see racism in your face, when you see prejudice in your face, when you see hatred in your face, when you see players in your face, amen, you’ve got to make up in your mind, amen, that God is taking you somewhere and shake it off. 

PASTOR WIL: Now, to those of you, to those of you that ain’t been in church for a little while, and you don’t know that song, let me give you another one: “Players gonna play, play, play, play, play, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, baby, I’m gonna shake it off, shake it off, shake it off, shake it off, shake it off,” okay!  (Laughter.)  Y’all ain’t workin’ with a brother!  Y’all didn’t know Jesus, you know Taylor Swift, don’t you?  She told you to shake it off, too!  Let players play, and shake off the hate.  Let players play, and shake off the mess.  Y’all ain’t workin’ with a brother right here.  I’m in the Bible, the Bible says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” so if they leave you, shake it off!  God says herein is love, not that we loved God, but God loved us, so shake those haters off, Hallelujah!  Somebody say, “Hallelujah.”  Look at your neighbor, say, “Neighbor, don’t sell your birthright.  Shake it off.”  Give God a praise right there.  

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